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Here are the rules:

1- Always post the rules!

2- Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

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The questions I have to answer:

1 - What scent deodorant are you wearing and did you put any on this morning?

Probably like ‘Ultra Fresh’ or some shit by Arrid, which is a deoderant for men. Literally my entire family has used it forever, LEAVE ME ALONE.

2 - Favorite animal and why?


3 - Unhealthiest fandom?

Personally, Game of Thrones. I get really fucking into it and it concerns my family. “Maggie, we understand that Brienne and Jamie need to be together, but you need to calm down.”

4 - What’s the last thing you drank?

Diet pepsi, my one true love.

5 - Favorite joke?

This entire video.

6 - Your favorite story to tell?

One time I shot a .50 machine gun at the ground from the glass nose of a B-25 Bomber while it was in the air. When I was like, ten. My dad is a pilot and restores planes from WWII, so I’ve gotten to do a lot of really awesome things that I did not know were awesome at the time.

7 - How would you describe your childhood in 5 words?

Airplanes, videogames, black clothing, and Zim.

8 - Most unusual pet peeve?

When people repost shit blindly on Facebook without checking to see if it’s true or not. Like seriously people, Google exists for a REASON.

9 - What’s the last book you read?

Walking Dead book, like, 18? I’m behind. And also that’s not a book, that’s a comic. Hmm.

10 - If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Normandy, France is soooo beautifullll. I spent a few days there and fell in love.

11 - How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

At least, like, six.

TAGGING PROCESS, BEGINNING: hecallsmehischild, satans-school-for-gir1s (That’s like literally everyone I know on here aside from ArtKat, jesus christ.)


1 - Oh hey, how are you today?

2 - If you could shoot any zombie celebrity, who would it be?

3 - What was your favorite activity to do as a child?

4 - Who is your favorite female fictional character?

5 - What is your favorite childhood memory?

6 - What unusual animal would you like to have as a pet?

7 - Most embarrassing moment?

8 - What is your favorite video game?

9 - Whatcha thinkin abouuuut?

10 - If you could be famous for something, what would it be?

11 - What is your favorite dessert?


Hey gang! 

So, for the sake of my mental/emotional health, I went out and got myself a shiny new job! Yayyy! That’s a good thing.

There is, unfortunately, a teeny tiny bad thing.

Bad thing: I have fewer hours, and the pay is lower. And my hours are skimpy skimp skimpy while I’m training. I need a new monitor, I am going to very soon need a new tablet, and I still need to pay off my dental bills. I have enough money to survive (like I can eat and stuff and put gas in my car… mostly. have you seen gas prices lately????) but I really don’t have any extra to put into my savings for things like monitors and tablets that I need for drawing so I can work/relax. 

Good thing: Fewer hours at work means more time for drawing! Hot dog!! Plus, once my schedule evens out, I’ll be working roughly the same hours I was before, but fewer days a week! So still more time for drawing!

So I put 2 and 2 together and said: Hey! I can save up money that I make while I’m at home doing artsy work whenever I’m not someplace else doing retail work!


The sale:

Lineless Full-Body or Bust Commissions

Full-Body, 1 Character: $10
Additional characters $3 each

Bust, 1 Character: $5
Additional characters $2 each

The sale is specifically for the lineless style, but feel free to check out my commissions info page, and if you see something you’d be interested in, let me know and I can work out a discount for you!

Thanks so much guys! I <3 You!!


I’m getting really tired of people on tumblr trying to lift up a group of people by bashing another. It’s so incredibly hypocritical and mean, and it only diminishes your cause and makes it less credible. Treat others the way you want to be treated is the golden rule for a reason. If you’re really fighting for equality, you shouldn’t have to put others down to do it.

I get that a lot of people are upset that they seem to be making JamiexBrienne canon (even though they were pretty much canon already guys, come on. Platonic erection my ass.) because it would be refreshing to see a male and female character having strong, non-romantic relationship for once. I agree, that would be great. BUT. Something we also don’t get nearly enough of is a handsome, popular, rich, dead sexy man in a romantic relationship with a strong, tall, giantess of a woman that doesn’t necessarily reach society’s standards of beauty. ALL the time, there are movies and shows about overweight, unattractive men with gorgeous women, but ALMOST NEVER the other way around. And that is why Brienne and Jamie would still be an extremely important and refreshing couple.

Also cause they’re fucking adorable together, THERE I SAID IT.


me, too Margaery


sweet pie^^

But in other non- purple wedding news though


  • Oberyn Martell totally schooled the Lannisters
  • Ser Loras schooled Jamie
  • Poor Theon making me almost tear up
  • Oh and a more confirmed romantic interest from Brienne with regards to Jamie than in the books

I meant to comment on this earlier but I hate that I’m at all attracted to the actor who plays Ramasy Snow am I the only one with this struggle

Anyways I always like seeing the changes they decide to make from the books. It keeps the book readers on their toes and entertained.

Honey, if you’ve ever seen Misfits, you don’t have to feel bad about being attracted to him.


Okay, I didn’t cut off their hands or anything, but I DID ask them politely to stop, and they kept doing it, so my dad started throwing shit at them secretly, because that’s how we roll.

I saw the new Captain America last night. My favorite part was when all of the girls in the front row kept using their phones with their brightness all the way up through the whole movie, THAT WAS MY FAVORITE FUCKING PART, FUCK YOU, YOU PIECES OF SHIT I WILL CUT OFF YOUR HANDS AND SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR THROAT.

I made this weird mossy deer head thing for my school’s student art show. I spent way too much money on preserved moss, and got a lot of hot glue burns, but I think it was worth it.

Process photos here: